Creative Writing and Storytelling for Kids

Story writing

Most kids enjoy writing, but could benefit from an infusion of ideas, hints and tips. ‘Creative Writing and Storytelling for Kids’ includes writing prompts, worksheets, word lists and more – just the thing to inspire the budding writer in you class!




This search engine is nice and simple – a clean look with minimal distractions. It’s well worth a look!

Interactive Graphic Organizers


This site has a list of apps, websites and digital downloads useful for the classroom. Critical thinking is the key to learning and these ready made resources will be useful for every teacher who wants to encourage visible thinking with their students.



The development of Thinking Skills is essential for students to be effective learners. With the escalating amount of information available to students in the world of 21st Century learning, they must be able to analyse and think critically. These online tools allow them to map their thoughts using a variety of thinking tools in the form of graphic organisers. The site can be used without logging in, but anything created won’t be saved. This resource looks very useful.

Splash ABC

splash TV

This is an excellent site full of many resources on a variety of topics pitched at an appropriate level for children.



What an incredible find! So often I am helping students with their research and we have difficulty finding text easy enough for some of them. This web site could make life a lot easier. I am yet to test it thoroughly, but I’m keen to find out!

The Book Chook

The Book Chook

Here you will find a multitude of wonderful book-related resources!

Momo celebrating time to read



Have you ever wondered what you should be reading to your students, or what books you should be recommending? This blog is written by a Primary School Teacher-Librarian who is passionate about matching young readers with books.

“Momo is the name of a book by Michael Ende.

You may know him from The Neverending Story.

Momo is a allegory about time.

We all need to make time for reading”. (Blog author)

Each post provides an outline of the book, often including relevant teaching resources. Well worth a look!



I’ve been on the lookout for a while now for a good quality, free, easy to use comic creation site to use with my students. I think I may have found one. An attraction with this site is that there are 350 free printables to help kids get started with writing ideas. There are many options for characters, background colours, text bubbles and so on. If you try it, leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Print Friendly

Print Friendly is an online tool which enables the user to convert web pages in to print friendly form so it can then be saved as a PDF file. This has been most useful when needing to download information for uni assignments, or to have information in an easy to read format for students.