I am a primary school teacher at a PYP school which is located at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Australia. Teaching for many  years (more than I’d like to admit!), I have been excited by the influx of technology into education and the rapid growth we are experiencing. It should dramatically change the way we teach haviing opened up new worlds for both our students and those of us who guide them in their learning. This blog is designed as a collaborative learning space for teachers who desire to embrace technology for the benefit of the students in our care.

As of this year, I have changed role at our school and have te pleasure of being the Teacher Librarian. A new world is opening to me, with the opportunity to focus more on 21st Century learning skills and how we can engage collaboratively in this new informational learning landscape.  I am completing further study and I’m looking forward to playing a more active part in student inquiry across the whole school.

Computer technology is a huge part of our lives, and, like it or not, it is an integral part of the lives of the children we teach. My aim with this blog is to share resources I have come across that have proved to be useful in my classroom teaching. Due to the overwhelmingly vast array of resources available on the web, I would love to hear about those that you have personally used. I suppose this blog compares to communal recipe books which usually have the best “tried and true” selections for the palate!

It is important, however, to remember that these ideas are purely tools to help us teach, and should never be a replacement for teaching itself. Let the journey begin!


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  1. corinne day says:

    This is a great idea. I have found some great websites already. Thanks.

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