The flipped classroom has been shown through research to be one of the most effective methods to engage students in their learning and encourage collaboration. Verso enables teachers to prepare activities for students to complete and respond to anonymously (only the teacher can see who responds), increasing participation rate for those less confident students.

Verso is a research-based teaching and learning tool that was developed with a focus on questioning, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Designed to give all students a voice and encourage deeper learning, Verso is based on the research of the following educational thought leaders: Alan November, Michael Fullan OC, John Hattie, Eric Mazur and Carol Dweck.

“To this end, activating student voice and adding a layer of anonymity to support risk-taking is essential if we are to make original thinking visible.” (John Hattie –


  • integrates with Google
  • is multi-platform – desktop, laptop. tablet, mobile phone
  • gives every student a voice and allow educators to personalize instruction
  • ensures depth of knowledge for students and support teachers as they manage the transition to common core
  • allows teachers to share best practices, support each other, and promote teamwork
  • is free


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