Oh my gDrag and Drop Mathsoodness! Heaven on a plate! My class is going to enjoy this so much. Now practising number problems will have that added element of fun. The smartboard can be used plus the ipad or android tablet (purchased). Homework is going to take on a new dimension. the teacher can set the level and number of tasks. The student completes the calculation, enters  in the answer and receives immediate feedback. Results can be printed out and presented to the teacher if needed. This would be excellent for both support and extension work as well and general instruction. I need to check out the subtraction method used, but it look fantastic. I’ll post how it goes in the classroom.

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  1. kmcca says:

    I had a bit more of a play with this programme. The only downfall for me is that in the multiplication, the sum is written upside down to the way we teach it. In Drag-n-Drop maths, the larger number is on the bottom with the smaller on the top. This would confuse Australian kids. Just sticking to single digit by single digit would still be great practice for learning tables. Apart from this….fantastic!

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